Completed and projects under construction


Semi-detached house
Skaubakken, Stavern

2020: holiday house,
Håkavika, Tjodalyng

Sketches of holiday house, Mørjefjorden

Latest projects

Holiday house, Marsholmen, Larvik

Holiday house, Stokkøya, Helgeroa

Holiday house, Malmøya, Larvik

Holiday house, Arøyaskjæret, Helgeroa

Holiday house, Store Arøya, Helgeroa

Demolition and reconstruction of holiday house

Holiday house, Lille Arøya, Helgeroa

Demolition and reconstruction of holiday house

Approved: Semi-detached house
Mellom Bøkeligate, Larvik

8+2 Semi-detached house
Peter Hognestadsgtate, Notodden

2018-2019: Fjordstien,
Storøyaveien, Sandefjord

Illustration plan for six plots in a development area with a
total of 70 new residential units.

2017-2019: Agnestunet, Stavern

Regulation and design of five semi-detached houses. Regulation application under process.

2018: Bragesvei 10, Sandefjord

Three homes in functional style, sought building approval.

2017-2019: Haraldsgate 10,
Larvik City center

Rehabilitation and new construction, six residential units. Building application approved.

2016-2019: Vebergsgata 4, Larvik

Two semi-detached houses. The application process is not yet completed.

2016-2019 Tenvikveien 33, Larvik

Detached house designed, approved and built; garage not yet built.

2018-2019: Greven Hotel,
Storgata 49, Larvik

Regulation plan, approved, planning of apartments, rehabilitation.

Completed projects

Completed 2020: Extension Cabin,
Store Arøya

Extension and facade change.

Holiday house, Lille Arøya

Extension and facade change.

Completed 2019: holiday house 
Skisakeråsen, Larvik


Completed 2016: holiday House,
Bøvre, Larvik

Completed 2016: Ødegården

Holiday House

2016: Solløkkasletta 21, Sandefjord

New holiday home designed and approved, planned construction.

Completed 2017: The old Fire Station, Larvik

Regulation and new construction for 17 apartments and commercial areas.

Completed 2014: Greveveien 15, Larvik

Regulation and new construction for five apartments.

Completed 2003: Kirkegata 13

Regulation. Rehabilitation, conversion and extension of six apartments.

Completed 2018: Malmgrenbukta, Stavern

Regulation and new construction of six detached houses

Completed 2016: Rødberg

Detached house

Rehabilitering- Klassiske eneboliger

Examples of drawings made on a drawing machine.

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