Projects in progress


2018-2019: VANNØYA, Storøyaveien Sandefjord.
Illustration plan for six fields in a development area with a total of 70 new residential units.

Design of homes in field 5 consisting of semi-detached houses in International style.

2018-2019: GREVEN HOTELL, STORGATA 49, Larvik

Regulation plan, and design of apartments, rehabilitation. 

2018: BRAGESVEI 10, Sandefjord

Three homes in International style

2017-2019: AGNESTUNET, Stavern

Regulation and design of five semi-detached houses. Regulatory case in progress 

Semi-detached house, project designed.

The application process is not completed 

2017-2019: HARALDSGATE 10, Larvik city centre, rehabilitation and new building, 6 residential units. Building application approved.

2016-2019: VEBERGSGT. 4:, Larvik  Two semi-detached houses. The appilication process is not completed.

2016-2019 Tenvikveien 33, Larvik. Detached house designed, approved and built, garage building remains

2016: SOLLØKKASLETTA 21, Sandefjord: New holiday home designed and approved

2018- 2019 Various holiday home projects



Completed 2017: OLD FIRE STATION, Larvik: Regulation and new building with 17 apartments and commercial areas
Completed 2014: GREVEVEIEN 15, Larvik: Regulation and new building with 5 apartments.
Completed 2016: NEW HOLIDAY HOME, BØVRE, Larvik
Completed 2016: MALMGRENBUKTA Stavern: Regulation and new building with six detached houses
Completed 2016: RØDBERG: New detached house
Completed 2016: ØDEGÅRDEN: New holiday home
Completed 2003: KIRKEGATA 13: Regulation. Rehabilitation, reconstruction and extension with six apartments.
Rehabilitation - classical detached houses: Examples of drawings performed with drawing machine.

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